Storm Damage Repair

Storm Damage Repair for Collinsville Illinois & The Metro-East area

If you live in the Metro area, you know that storm damage is a fact of life. Whether it’s the middle of winter or the dead of summer, your home could be subject to severe storm damage because of hail, wind and other types of damage. Luckily, you can count on the friendly professionals at Madison County Roofing & Home Improvement for fast repairs when you need them most. We welcome insurance work!  The storm was frightening, but getting repairs doesn’t have to be – call our staff to get started with an estimate of your needs!

bad storm, hail damage to residential roof of home - Madison County, Illinois

Hail Damage

We’ve all experienced the ferocity of a mid-summer hailstorm that makes it seem like the world is coming to an end. However, if you find damage to your roofing or siding due to the storm, the repair bill may take your breath away. We provide hail damage repair to commercial and residential customers throughout the Metro-East area. Since 1937, customers have called us for fast, affordable repairs when they need them most.

Common Hail Damage

It’s no doubt that you heard the hail damage when it happened. However, you may not be able to find it when it’s finally time to go outside. There are parts of your home that are more susceptible to damage from hail. Read below about some of the common places that hail can damage your home and make sure to call our staff for an inspection if your home has been hit with a big storm.

  • Loose, damaged or missing shingles
  • Dented gutters, soffit, fascia and flashings
  • Bent or missing gutters
  • Busted or cracked skylights
  • Damaged roof vents
  • Cracked, loose, or otherwise damaged siding

Wind Damage

While it’s easy to understand why you’re worried about hail, you may not be sure why it’s equally as important to worry about wind damage to your home. In the Midwest, we’re prone to large storms that could produce tornadoes and winds in excess of 100 miles per hour. Because of this, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll have to repair wind damage on your home at some point or another. If your home has been hit by a storm, be sure to look for visible signs of wind damage and contact our staff for an inspection.

Common Wind Damage

Due to the nature of wind, damage can be widespread and it can vary depending on the storm and the style and set up of your home. Because of this, it’s difficult to know where your home is most susceptible to wind damage. With that in mind, here are a few places that wind damage is common and what you can look out for.

  • Missing or loose shingles
  • Loose or bent gutters hanging off the house
  • Loose sections of siding
  • Damage flashings, soffit or fascia
  • Damage from flying debris
storm damage to residential roof - wind damage - Madison County, Illinois

Preventing Storm Damage

You may be asking yourself, “what can I do to prevent some of this damage?” The answer? Not much. It’s just incredibly difficult to predict what kind of effect weather will have on your home. Much of it is dependent on that specific storm. However, here are a few things that may help limit the damage to your home in the event of a storm.

  • Trim trees to limit flying debris that could damage your home
  • Tighten fastenings on gutters, flashings, soffit, fascia, etc.
  • Have a professional inspect your system for vulnerabilities

Insurance Repairs

We know – you hate dealing with the insurance company. Everyone does, but it’s necessary to ensure you get the repairs you need. We welcome insurance work.

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